Keneally must come clean on stabling yard

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Liberal Member for Penrith Stuart Ayres today demanded that the Keneally Labor Government engage, honestly, with the Penrith community over its proposed train stabling yard at Emu Plains.

''The community is growing more and more anxious about this development,'' Mr Ayres said.

'While the Keneally Labor Government claims their train stabling yard is still under consultation, the quiet little community of Emu Plains every day sees construction work on the site.

''This is bare-faced hypocrisy.

''The Keneally Labor Government needs to answer some questions.

  • Why is Emu Plains being used for a train stabling yard?
  • What is the long-term future of the Penrith train stabling yard?
  • If the Waratah carriages are only replacing the current carriages, why is the Government building a new train stabling yard for them?
  • Why is the Keneally Labor Government so reluctant to engage in any meaningful consultation?

''In Parliament I've put these and other questions to the Minister. But the Keneally Labor Government needs to explain itself, clearly, upfront, to the residents of Emu Plains as well as to the entire Penrith community.

''And they need to explain now, because there is growing distrust of the government in the community - if work is already beginning now on the unapproved project, it seems all too possible that the work will be accelerated over the Christmas break, when Keneally Labor will feel less under scrutiny.

\"As a regular train user I recognise the need for more air-conditioned carriages on the Western Line however the Keneally Labor Government need to come clean about the unanswered questions related to the Emu Plains Stabling Yard.

''Together with the whole Penrith community, I call on the Government to get out of the driving seat of the backhoe, stop premature work on the Emu Plains train stabling yard, and come to the table with clear and appropriate information for residents.''