Labor Fails Penrith Commuters - Broken Lifts & Ticket Machines, Commuter Carpark Crime & Overcrowded Trains

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Shadow Minister for Transport Gladys Berejiklian today said Transport Minister David Campbell's pathetic answer in Parliament failed to give Penrith and Lower Mountains any hope for transport improvements under the Keneally Government after 15 years of failure and neglect by Labor.

"Whether it's overcrowded trains, peak hour service cuts, commuter safety, broken lifts or dodgy ticket machines, Labor has failed Penrith and lower Blue Mountains commuters on every measure," Ms Berejiklian said.

"Labor has failed to get the basics right, leaving Penrith's commuters with a train service that is not up to scratch," she said.

"Emu Plains is the 3rd most dangerous station to park your car in Sydney, with 76 criminal incidents recorded in 2009, including 38 incidents of stealing from vehicle, 20 stolen vehicles, 13 malicious damage to property and one actual body harm assault.

"The faulty lifts at Emu Plains and Penrith stations broke down 162 times in the last two years, making it difficult for less mobile commuters such as mothers with prams and the elderly to catch a train.

"Once commuters make it to the train station they are often faced with faulty ticket vending machines. Between July 2008 and November 2009 ticket machines across Penrith electorate stations were not fully operation for 200 days in total.

"Labor's timetable changes have degraded services. It now takes Penrith commuters an average of 6 minutes 40 seconds longer to get to work than they did in 2004. In total Penrith commuters lose nearly 48 hours worth of time per year with their families - an entire working week compared with travel times in 2004.

"At Emu Plains there are eight less peak hour services than in 2004, with 28 services lost across the Penrith electorate. The cancellation of services has resulted in overcrowding on the Western Line. In the AM peak, the average train operates at 130% of capacity.

"This litany of transport failures are a result of Labor's neglect of Penrith," Ms Berejiklian said.

Mr Ayres said he wants to work with local commuters and the NSW Liberals & Nationals team to restore essential transport services to Penrith and the lower Blue Mountains.

"I want Penrith's commuters to be able to leave their car all day without the fear of falling victim to crime," Mr Ayres said.

"Penrith and lower Blue Mountains commuters should be able to easily buy a ticket from a vending machine that can give them the right change," he said.

"Most importantly I want to see a train service which is faster and more reliable and where commuters can sit down for their journey, rather than be jammed into an overcrowded train.

"I will work tirelessly with local commuters and our Liberals & Nationals team to deliver better transport services for the people of Penrith and the lower Blue Mountains," Mr Ayres said.